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i wrote this over the period of a week, and recorded it all in one night. it's sloppy but it was fun.

the clip in the first track is from mike birbiglia's "my girlfriend's boyfriend." he's hilarious go listen to him.


released December 30, 2014

julie, ross, stephen, beardy, jt, and robert. thanks for all the encouragemet.

also shout out to sarah and jake. tapes coming soon from slow glow records.



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great job Decatur, Texas

how's it going steve?

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Track Name: don't take it so depersonal
i ruin every perfect moment
worried about how i'll remember it
my memories are never in first person
i'm always detached from myself
in the worst way

i'm floating out here alone
while the world keeps spinning
beyond my control
Track Name: sweet berry wine
i get freaked out by my own reflection
in my peripheral vision

i can't make eye contact
with anyone

my body isn’t a temple
it’s a graveyard

and i hope you’ll find me
and plant flowers here one day
Track Name: morpheus drinking a forty in a death basket
we haven’t talked since last july
you’re still writing poems
i’m still singing along to the same songs

i’m not mad at you
i wish we could’ve dismissed our affections

i’m sorry
i convinced you that you broke me
i was just looking for a reason to break
Track Name: dadfawns confirmed (we have the feels and we're voting gf)
24 hours of interstates
cut lengthwise
trying to distill
a shared intimacy anxiety

stolen glances and thumb wars
we kissed while your phone rang
off the hook in my car
i’m still so scared of all of this
Track Name: me too thanks
i pushed too hard again
i needed too much too soon
when you needed a steady pace

i worried every touch would push you
away from me
when all i want is for you to
feel safe
i love the way you find beauty in
a bleeding world
Track Name: rip 2014. 2014-2014.
this year i learned that
distance isn’t the killer
it’s my selfish inclination
to only care about myself

so when we lay in bed
and tangle up our legs
we’ll try to learn together

i don’t blame the rain anymore
and home isn’t when i’m alone
it’s anywhere i find people that care
we’re everywhere
and we’ll make it this year