what i should've said was nothing

by great job

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Amanda Helm
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Amanda Helm Reminds me a lot of Two Knights and Snowing. Super raw and vulnerable in a way that hurts, but also heals. Definitely worth a listen... or you know, several listens. a whole bucket of listens. Favorite track: i was reading that message while walking and ran into a wall.
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11111² This is an amazing project and I demand that you - yes, you - go drop a few bucks on it. A raw, emotional piece as cathartic for listeners as it was for its writer, this EP is rough around the edges but has a heart of gold. Get it now, play it loudly. Great job, Great Job. Favorite track: i would have a handlebar mustache if i could drive one.
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i recorded and wrote this over the period of a week in my room, my garage, my car, and my bathroom all with one mic. it was really cathartic and rewarding. i hope you enjoy the tunes. or don't.


released April 13, 2014

thanks to ross, stephen, shmapey, and jt for letting me bounce songs off of them. thanks to ross and stephen specifically for their photos and photo editing respectively. and a big thanks to myself for making it this far.

oh, and the clip beginning "i was reading that message" is from the marc maron stand up album "this has to be funny." all that belongs to him.



all rights reserved


great job Decatur, Texas

how's it going steve?

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Track Name: you'd be surprised
you made your way
into my bloodstream
just like this nicotine
except you won't leave

i think distance was the killer
or was it this never-ending winter
in my chest

but i won't
let you go
so easily

we made a home
with skin and bone
how can you just leave

did none of this
mean a thing
every word we said

i'm broken
i'm tired
i guess i just misread you
Track Name: feature length
all those long drives and late nights
you never picked up the phone
i think i know why

you blamed it on the rain
well the rain told me to say
it wouldn't have worked out anyway

and everything feels like
there's something you're forgetting
and i don't mind forgetting you
don't let it go to your head
all you did was add a page
to my book of excuses
and reasons to be alone
Track Name: i would have a handlebar mustache if i could drive one
i never felt like i belonged in my own
like something was off from the start
was this a divine trick
played on those less fortunate
by whoever runs this place

places i could call home
are ghosts dancing in my dreams
when i'm asleep
telling me that home is nowhere
but i'm pretty sure
i found home when i'm alone
Track Name: i feel like i'm dying. send puppies.
I can’t stand the empty space in my bed
I’ve been falling asleep
to stand up comedy
just to forget the way
you used to lay next to me
and pretend that
I meant something to you

please stop using me just so you won't feel alone at night
Track Name: i was reading that message while walking and ran into a wall
you were too soft for me
to hold you how you needed
my hands are worn from years of misuse
and i’m sorry

we wept outside in the cold
and realized our love had frozen a long ago
and i wasn’t sure what to say to you
except that you were the only home i’ve known

and i hope that you’re doing okay.